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Drew Brophy is best known for his surfboard art using techniques he developed with Posca paint pens. A life-long surfer and traveler, Drew’s career exploded in the late 1990’s when painting surfboards led into illustrating art for some of the top action sports companies in the world.  His work expanded to include fine art paintings for collectors worldwide.
Drew’s love of surfing has led him down a path of studying weather, its effect on waves, and how the sun influences earth.  This has all led to a deep interest in physics and it has influenced his artwork.  As such, his art style has evolved to include sacred geometry in an effort to decode the knowledge that ancient civilizations left for us.
Drew wants to share with the world the message that everything is energy and we are all connected.  He strives to create art images that help people understand the true meaning of life; that life is meant to be enjoyed.