What's in the box?

So, you want to know what exactly comes in the box do you? Well you've come to the right place. Here's the deal...

Single or Dual Camera System:
Each system (1 or 2 camera) comes equipped with a smart egg that charges your camera(s) while simultaneously off-loading your videos. Every time you want to record some memories, you'll have a charged battery with enough memory to go around. The OPKIX One has built-in magnets that not only attach to our accessories, but also anything in the world that a magnet would stick to. So get creative, or just set it-but don't forget it.

2 Eyewear Mounts:
The eyewear mount is just a simple silicone sleeve with embedded magnets that slides right on to almost any eyewear frame. Attach OPKIX in a snap to record actual point-of-view memories.

Hat Mount:
This mount just simply slips right on the bill of a hard-billed hat. The embedded magnets make OPKIX cameras easy to attach/detach in a snap. Get those shots straight from the dome.

Flat-Plate Mounts:
Each system comes with two white flat-plates mounts that are removable/re-attachable, and two black flat-plates mounts that are practically permanent installations. Stick 'em to your dashboard, stick 'em to a wall, stick 'em to anything flat, stick 'em anywhere at all. Attach OPKIX in a snap for all those anywhere-you-want perspectives.

Charging Cable:
Eventually you're going to need to charge your smart egg. That's what this is for. Use it wisely my friend.

Quick Start Guide:
You don't really need this, but it may be worth giving it a quick run through.