Unique Perspectives of the Dirty Heads Song "High Tea"

Of the list of things we missed most over quarantine, concerts are right there at the top. But fear not, because The Dirty Heads have us covered. In case you didn’t get the memo, they’ve been live streaming concerts playing each of their albums one-by-one each week. This week on Friday Sept. 4, they’ll be live-streaming their latest album “Super Moon.”

Dirty Heads invited us to sit in on one of their rehearsals to capture a video of one of our favorite songs - “High Tea.” Our small HD video cameras fit perfectly around the set capturing unique POV angles from the vocalists, guitars, keyboard, drums along with other unique perspectives from our mounts. Check it out!

Also in preparation for their upcoming show, we wanted to share a list of our top 10 personal favorite Dirty Heads songs. You can find them here on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and any other music streaming platforms you can think of:

10. Spread Too Thin - Cabin By The Sea
9. Vacation - Swim Team 
8. Lay Me Down - Any Port In A Storm
7. Dance All Night - Cabin By The Sea
6. High Tea - Swim Team 
5. My Sweet Summer - Sound of Change
4. Neighborhood - Any Port In A Storm 
3. Red Lights - Dirty Heads, Dirty Heads
2. Horse Fly - Super Moon
1. That's All I Need - Dirty Heads, Dirty Heads

Be sure to also check out the two new singles from their upcoming album California Island, Earthquake Weather and Bum Bum.