SleepLessMom: OPKIX

With Sophie’s fourth birthday behind me, I’ve been finding myself thinking, “Where has the time gone?” It feels like just yesterday my baby girl was learning how to crawl, and now she’s wanting to do everything on her own. She’s turned into a kid and I’m not gonna lie, it makes me so sad sometimes! It just feels like time is going by SO fast.

If it feels like I blinked and she turned four, is it going to feel like no time before she’s ten – or worse, a teenager? I think I just got sick even thinking about that. There is no place in my mind where it makes sense for Sophie to ever be a teenager. I remember the teenage years, and I never want Sophie to go through that.

With that being said, all this growing up my kids are doing has me terrified to miss out on any little thing. It’s funny because I feel like parents today face this tension between capturing every moment and fully living out the moments. When Jake or Sophie do something adorable I find myself immediately reaching for my phone to video or take a photo so that I have that memory forever. Yet recently it hit me that being behind a screen during some of life’s greatest moments doesn’t really make me that present. Imagine if we could make a moment last forever because of how present we were. Well, we can.

There’s incredible new technology out there and it’s called OPKIX. OPKIX is a tiny camera that you can wear so you don’t miss a beat. It can be attached to different OPKIX mounts such as sunglasses, a hat, a ring, or even a necklace. What I love about this is that I can still capture those precious moments forever, but I’m not behind a screen.

The camera is only twelve grams so it’s like you’re not even using it, but the footage I’ve captured using OPKIX is priceless. It makes me feel a lot better about time going by so quickly, since I’ve now found a way to be fully present while also capturing memories on camera.

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