SHOP EAT SURF: OPKIX Inc. to Acquire the PogoCam Brand

OPKIX, Inc., the leading provider of the world’s most disruptive technologies in camera and lifestyle-focused accessory mounts has announced the acquisition of the PogoCam brand and its associated intellectual property, including its patent portfolio. The symbiotic and valuable acquisition will immediately add to OPKIX, Inc.’s growing portfolio of products, patents and information.

“Acquiring the PogoCam brand was a strategic move for OPKIX to build on our ecosystem, continue to innovate, and to further grow our market segment of wearable cameras and lifestyle mounts,” said C. Lawrence Greaves, CEO and Co-founder of OPKIX, Inc. “As OPKIX continues to scale our business and expand globally, we will continue our goal of being the go-to camera solution for users to document, edit and share their experiences.”

OPKIX, Inc.’s Patent Purchase Agreement with PogoTec, Inc. is effective May 7, 2020, and includes 8 U.S. patents, 4 foreign patents, 13 U.S. pending patent applications, and 48 pending foreign patent applications.

“We’ve long admired OPKIX’s innovative spirit and passion for capturing and sharing memorable moments in new and engaging ways,” said Read Ziegler, President and Chairman of the Board of PogoTec, creator of PogoCam. “Connecting PogoCam’s robust technologies with OPKIX’s superior design and marketing expertise is truly a winning combination.” As part of the Patent Purchase Agreement and surrounding deal, Mr. Ziegler will support OPKIX, Inc.’s growing organization as a Board observer on behalf of PogoTec.

OPKIX Inc. is obsessed with breaking down the limits of what’s possible to provide the world the most convenient cameras to capture life’s best moments. Focused on design, technology and innovation, OPKIX Inc. develops cameras, accessories and software that integrate into a consumer’s lifestyle right out of the box.


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