The Sacramento Bee: Travel goods for today: Gear up for a grown-up getaway

Whether it's a cabin in the mountains, a condo on the beach or a cottage in a state or national park, we all need a respite from the slings and arrows and spikes of a pandemic. Treat yourself to all the comforts of home, but in a vacation setting, and create new memories and recapture your calm.

Bring gourmet to the grill

More and more of us are opting to pack and prepare our own food now, even (or especially) on travels. The Breeo Outpost Grill ($189/24 inches) takes the evening campfire supper from so-so to so savory with an adjustable stainless steel platform that accommodates cooking for a large family group and provides that mouthwatering open-fire taste.

Built for mobility, this self-pounding, post-locking campfire grill grate is a grilling machine for adventurers who crave a traditional grilling experience and that open-flame flavor — even on long days of exploring the mountainside, or when no one wants to return from the beach. The grill is adjustable and can be moved side to side and up and down, yet it remains balanced and solidly in place. Made in the USA, it packs in a sturdy bag for easy toting. The 24-inch Outpost weighs just 14 pounds; a smaller, 19-inch Outpost ($199) weighs 8 pounds. ( )

OPKIX One video camera

Here's a video camera that does all the heavy lifting so you can default to relax mode. The fashion-forward OPKIX One HD Video Camera ($395) is one of the smallest, smartest and sleekest wearable video cameras in the world, letting users go hands-free to stay in the moment while not missing a single life moment — and all the technology needed is tucked neatly inside an egg.

The egg seamlessly pairs with a smartphone so you can shoot, edit and share like a champ. The camera is small, lightweight and waterproof, packable wherever you're going, whether to the beach to capture the day's sandcastle contest or on a hike to record the wildlife — and it can record up to 70 minutes. It has magnetic mounts that easily transition it to a wearable camera on eyeglasses, sunglasses, hat, necklace — even a ring. But the real beauty lies in its simplicity of use. For all its techy-techy appearance, including the space-age housing, the OPKIX process is so straightforward and streamlined, you can be recording within minutes of opening the box. Yeah. It's a good egg. ( )


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