Tips & Tricks: How to use the Cameras & Mounts that come in the Box

So now you've got your OPKIX cameras and you’re ready to become a filmmaker. Here's some of the basics on the mounts that come in the box and some quick tips-and-tricks on how to use your new OPKIX cameras.

Let’s get started!

First, you’ll notice how incredibly small this camera actually is… I mean it is REALLY tiny! It was designed to be simple, versatile and convenient.

The OPKIX One has only one button... to start and stop recording, that’s it! The light-pipe on the front of the lens turns on when you’re recording and off when you’re not.

You’ll see two dots on the side of the camera which indicates where the actual magnets in the camera are located. These magnets allow you to stick the camera to not only our mounts and accessories, but also anything a magnet would stick to giving you the ability to get some really interesting perspectives with some of the most unusual angles.

It’s important to understand that the orientation of each clip is dictated by the direction of the button. If the button is on the top of the camera when you begin recording, you’re filming landscape (horizontal). And if the button is on the side, you’ll be filming in portrait mode (vertical). If you rotate the camera after you’ve already begun recording, the orientation locks and now you have a video that’s sideways. So keep the camera in the same position throughout the entire clip.

The mounts that come in the box is everything you need to get started. Each system comes with flat plates, the eyewear and hat clip mounts:

  • The flat plates give you the ability to mount the camera almost anywhere you want. Simply peel off the bottom, stick to any flat surface of your choice, magnetically mount the camera, hit record and you’re all set. 
  • To install the eyewear mount onto your glasses, just slip it on over the arm of your glasses and push it all the way to the front. If you don’t push it all the way forward, the eyewear will be in the shot, and you probably don’t want that. The magnets are positioned on the side which puts the button on top, so it’s shooting in landscape, which is best formatted for YouTube, IGTV, and other wide-format platforms.
  • The hat-clip is even easier to install, simply take it and slide it to the middle of any hard-billed hat, and you’re done. It positions the button on the side, which is great for shooting in portrait mode and can then be used for InstaStories, InstaReels, Tik-toks, etc...

Keep in mind that the built-in magnets on these mounts will keep the camera secure to the level of a magnet-strength... so be aware of anything that could potentially knock the camera off the mount. The last thing you want to do is lose a camera.

I hope this helps get you set-up on your way to creating some amazing new content. We'd also love to see the videos you're making, so please tag us @OPKIX and/or #OPKIX. Thank you.