Simple one button activation

Life moves fast. We know how quickly a moment can come and go, sometimes before we can even think of pulling out our phone, or try to fumble with settings on our DSLR. OPKIX One eliminates almost any room for error: Just one press-and-go to record button – giving users the best chance of catching a moment that may otherwise be gone in seconds.  


The size of the OPKIX One Camera speaks for itself. Individually mirroring a size similar to the average person’s thumb, there’s really no place that these cameras can’t go with you. The Egg provides a fool-proof storage space when not in use, keeping the cameras charged and easily accessible the moment opportunity knocks.

Two cameras, multiple perspectives

Maybe you’re on a trip to Mexico and want to grab some candid footage of your family, or you’re out hitting the dunes on your dirtbike with some buddies and being counted on to capture it. The only thing missing in that footage, is you. OPKIX One bridges that gap in realizing that two cameras are better than one: In addition to always having a back-up camera, OPKIX gives you the unique option of capturing two points of view anytime you’re recording. A first and second point-of-view perspective.

Constant footage transfer, no memory cards

We’ve all had it happen – something epic is going down in front of us, we manage to pull out our recording tool of choice – and the memory is full.

This is an incidence that the Opkix One system does not leave to chance. The camera can record up to 70 minutes of footage, and the second it’s full, just pop it back in the Egg, where the content will immediately be transferred, and the camera cleared. In the meantime – grab the second camera, and miss nothing. Additionally, the Egg holds up to 3 charges per camera, allowing a worry-free supply of battery life on long hikes, beach days, or weekend camping trips.

Pairs with App / accessory to phone

The OPKIX Studio App follows suit with it’s seamless nature in its transfer of footage from Camera -> Egg -> Phone. In one touch, the App will check cameras for any new footage, and allow you to transfer wirelessly to your phone within minutes, where you can use the editing platform to clip, trim, alter speed, add music, or get creative with your footage before putting it out into the world.


The OPKIX One camera acts like a magnet, easily snapping to one of its simple mounts – which are unexpectedly very secure (tested and approved on my motorcycle). If you’re feeling a more mobile solution, OPKIX has you covered with plenty of options; keep it sleek and subtle with a ring or necklace mount, a discreet selfie stick, or snap it to a pair of sunglasses (that you’ll actually be stoked to wear).

Perfect camera to capture moments when you phone belongs in your pocket

The most invaluable aspect of the Opkix One lies in what it is not: obvious, prominent, or disruptive.

None of us want to be the person who has their phone out all the time, especially when trying to live the most we can in the moment. The Opkix One allows users to have the best of both worlds – be in the moment, and capture the moment – entirely without even remembering, or appearing like, you are.