OPKIX Catches Up with 10x Champ Rahsaan Bahati 

Rahsaan Bahati is an American cyclist from Los Angeles California and one of the coolest dudes you’ll ever meet. He’s a 10-time National Champion including the elite US Pro National Criterium Championship in 2008 and founder of the Bahati Foundation. We had the pleasure of meeting up with Rahsaan to go for a ride and discuss some of his favorite bike designs. 

Celebrating 10 Years of the Bahati Foundation

[Courtesy of the Bahati Foundation]

Growing up in Compton, California Rahsaan was exposed to the gangs, drugs, and crime that proliferated his South Central Los Angeles neighborhood and he had to make hard choices at a young age. He could have easily fallen into the circumstances of his surroundings without the support of two loving parents, Rashid and Nassoma along with the fateful combination of a teacher, an eraser, and a classmate that would change his life forever. Through all of his accomplishments, Rahsaan never lost sight of how fortunate he was to have people support and foster his abilities. The Bahati Foundation has been a dream of his for many years and now he has the opportunity to help shape kid's lives the way his was shaped. It is an opportunity to show kids in underserved communities that they don’t have to be relegated to a life of crime, gangs, and drugs; they have the ability to accomplish their dreams. And now we are united as an organization behind Rahsaan’s dream. We are more than a foundation. We are more than a cycling team. We are more than the sum of our parts... We are at the crossroads and we can make a difference.

If you would like to donate and be a part of this amazing cause please visit: https://bahatifoundation-donation.funraise.org/

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