LA Times: OPKIX at CES

"Another critical accessory for Generation Z and millennial buyers, whether they have their own YouTube channel or just want to capture memories, is the camera.

Costa Mesa-based OPKIX endeavors to make collecting footage easy and seamless.

The tiny, hands-free OPKIX wearable camera, which it showed at CES, comes in a set of two that charge in an egg-like device. Available in several colors, it works with multiple mounts like a necklace, a ring on your hand, or on the side of your glasses, capturing footage that can be edited and shared from within its own app.

Shahin Amirpour, OPKIX president and cofounder, said the lightweight, long-lasting device could be used in a wide variety of ways, like coaching, medical applications, on drones and in esports — not to mention quickly capturing moments like a child’s first steps.

The idea came about three years ago when Amirpour was snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain and his camera quickly died. He and his friend’s phones proved inadequate.

“There’s gotta be another way to have a wearable camera,” he told his friend that day. They began developing a tiny camera that could be used in a variety of ways.

“We were told time and time again, ‘What you’re trying to do just can’t be done,’” CEO and cofounder C. Lawrence Greaves said.

But they did it anyway. The five co-founders — industry leaders in investment, design and marketing who had lots of connections in the action sports industry — quickly received funding, partnerships, buzz and brand ambassadors.

They also worked with Kingston Technology to develop the camera’s memory storage.

“They fell in love with what we were doing,” Amirpour said. “I don’t think they could have been any more helpful.”


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