Interview with Shelby Bay

Shelby Bay is a model who splits her time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Originally from a small town in Michigan, she grew up playing soccer as the only girl on an all boys team. She attended UNLV, was scouted to model and has since worked for brands like Guess, Nordstrom and Revolve. An ambassador for OPKIX, Shelby recently joined us here at the offices for a sit down.

OPKIX: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Shelby: One of the best decisions I made was to move across the country from Michigan to Las Vegas. Nobody did that back then where I’m from. My family followed me shortly after and it brought a whole new lifestyle for them. Michigan is terribly cold and my dad is living his best life. 

OPKIX: Why Las Vegas?

Shelby: I had visited with my mom when I was in 2nd grade and had wanted to move there ever since. She had a friend at the MGM Grand who always joked that I would work for him one day. I thought it would be the coolest job in the world. It wasn’t. It just wasn’t for me. 

OPKIX: Who is your inspiration?

Shelby: I have a group of girls in Los Angeles who are always inspiring each other. We’re all good friends. They're all go getters, strong with their work ethic and support for each other. It’s important to me to have this solid community in my work world.

OPKIX: You grew up playing soccer in Michigan. Is that your favorite sport?

Shelby: I loved playing soccer and almost went to college to play. I like all sports in general, but my favorite is hockey, for sure. The Vegas Golden Knights is my favorite sports team by far.

OPKIX: What’s your favorite water sport?

Shelby: Is water tubing a sport? Tubing is my favorite water sport. LOL.

OPKIX: You enjoy music festivals. What’s your favorite?

Shelby: Yes, I've been to a lot of different music festivals. Festivals are cool for different reasons. I went to a 6-day festival on an island in Fiji which was capped at 600 people. We stayed in huts all around the island. It's called Your Paradise. It's really special with lots of random experiences and vibes.

OPKIX: What’s your favorite music?

Shelby: I love all kinds of music. Everything. Country, Hip hop, EDM.... probably my favorite artists are the Dixie Chicks. Music has a time and place for everything; depends on the mood.

OPKIX: What's your favorite thing about OPKIX?

Shelby: Apart from you guys? You have such an awesome team of people which is important to me. I want to be involved with a community of good people. I like companies that are innovative and create things that no one has ever really seen before. I get excited and want to know more; and I'm excited with all the future possibilities I have to shoot with them!

OPKIX: When the time is right, where would you like to travel to next?

Shelby: I'd love to go to New Zealand and Australia in December. A group of my friends are planning a fun trip for New Year’s Eve. It's aggressive but they plan to celebrate New Year’s twice in one night. First we start the party in Australia till midnight and then we jump on a plane that night to celebrate New Year’s here in Los Angeles!