Interview with Malia Ward

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A California native, Malia Ward’s connection to the ocean began before her birth. As the daughter of pro surfer father Chris Ward and fitness model mother Jacqueline Miller, Malia’s introduction to sand and waves was inevitable. Now, at the age of 22, Malia is known in the surfing community as one to watch not only for her finesse on her surfboard but also for her achievements on land. Currently studying Communications at the University of Southern California, she is a member of the USC Surf Team and the entrepreneurship minor program. When she is not gliding to classes on her longboard or competing in surf competitions, Malia pursues a budding commercial and theatrical acting career, plays tennis, loves to DJ and enjoys her beachy lifestyle on the west coast from San Clemente to Malibu, California.

OPKIX: What are your goals this year for 2020?

Malia: To continue to become a better athlete and surfer. To focus on being happy with my body, fitness goals and all the wonderful people in my circle. Big dreams and goals this year include pursuing special entrepreneurial ventures, surf contests, and graduating college. I want to work on creating more fun content with cool people and epic brands like OPKIX! The world needs inspiration right now more than ever.

OPKIX: Who inspires you?

Malia: Kelly Slater. He's extremely smart with everything he's done, his whole life. He's an animal, an absolute beast. I look up to him a lot. Not only for how talented he is but because he makes very smart decisions on what to do with his talent. I also admire my girl Anastasia Ashley and her accomplishments in our arena. She is my favorite partner in crime and helps me out a lot. She’s a hustler, who can’t admire that?

OPKIX: Tell us about college. How’s it going?

Malia: I've been at USC for almost 3 years now with 1 semester left. It's been such an interesting rollercoaster. I threw myself into the social pit of college after homeschooling my whole life so it was a little harder for me to make friends. Also, being a surfer with a social media presence people already have this idea of you. They can be intimated, tough on or jealous of you without ever meeting, so it's really important to find my real friends out there.

OPKIX: What are a few of your favorite hobbies?

Malia: My number one is surfing. It's a hobby, lifestyle and my career. I also love “longboard skate dancing”, playing tennis, acting and editing my own content. Music is important to me so playing the piano and creating new songs on Ableton is a blast. I also DJ wherever I can. I bring my deck to the beach for my friends.

OPKIX: Where in the world would you like to go, you’ve never visited before?

Malia: Hossegor in Biarritz, France. It has a very interesting surf culture there, very film noir vibes, super hipster. Ibiza to party and see the sunrise! I really want to go to London and experience the music and underground scene there.

OPKIX: How does OPKIX work for you and what do you love about OPKIX?

Malia: I love filming, creating and editing content. OPKIX is amazing. It's really easy to use and has great image quality for how small it is. The mounts are great because you can get into all sorts of nooks and crannies to create different edits. The ability to be creative on the go; with OPKIX I can take it anywhere, with a chance to capture any life memory. My life is surrounded by water and the ocean; I'm always in it and my happiest memories are there. In the past it’s been really hard to film those memories, but now having OPKIX with me while I'm surfing and doing what I love most, it's so much easier.

OPKIX: If you could eat only 3 foods for the rest of your life?

Malia: Japanese food, Tahitian food and Thai food.

OPKIX: If you had a superpower what would it be?

Malia: I would usually say to fly! I've experienced that in my dreams. But I think I'd just cut the bs and say… teleportation! To have breakfast in Paris, then teleport to the Maldives with my surfboard, jump in and surf! Teleport to Jaws and then when I'm just about to wipeout simply teleport myself out of there! Oh, and it sounds like a great way to avoid corona!

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