Interview with Lenay

Lenay came by today for a photoshoot, and while our photographer was setting up the perfect lighting we had a chance to sit down and have a quick chat with Lenay in person… keeping a safe distance of course.

OPKIX: Do you have any goals and big future projects in store for 2020?

Lenay: I’m rebranding my music!! This year I'll be releasing music under the name ‘Wiinter’ and have a full "Dark Pop" album in the works :).  I love guitars, Latin beats, and minor chords, so it’s a mix of all those things!

OPKIX: Do you play any instruments?

Lenay: I write with the guitar but I'm not ready to perform with it quite yet; you'd just hear the same riff over and over and over again... lol

OPKIX: How has the quarantine been for you?

Lenay: Ugh yes COVID has been rough, I think just because I love people... I love energy! I love going to coffee shops and even if I'm not talking to anybody just sit amongst strangers... and smile at them you know?

Also it’s separated my work and personal life for the better, I recently rented a workspace in Hollywood and it has been amazing for me to seperate the two and really focus on my career.

OPKIX: How do you like OPKIX?

Lenay: I’ve always loved this product; it works perfect for my brand. The aesthetic of these cameras are cool, and It helps nail those in between shots and angles. I love everybody's energy here in the office. Everyone is awesome and it’s so fun to be around; it’s one of my most favorite things in life when I enjoy who I work with.

OPKIX: What’s the next local adventure?

Lenay: I can’t wait to learn how to surf and probably fail epicly, but capture it all with an OPKIX


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