Forbes: Why A Phone-Free Concert Experience Is Around The Corner

If you’re an avid concert goer like me, chances are you need more than two hands to count the number of times you’ve watched a concert through someone else’s smartphone screen. But for someone who frequently uses social media, grabbing a 30-second clip of a chorus or particularly great guitar solo is an irresistible moment —  who doesn’t want to share awesome live music? 

What if there was a way to capture the experience, and not have to fidget with your phone during a show? Enter Opkix, a new wearable, wireless video camera that uses magnets to attach to hats, sunglasses or other accessories for hands-free recording.

Lawrence Greaves, CEO and co-founder of Opkix, said the goal in creating Opkix was to develop a fashion-forward and lifestyle-driven product that can be mounted on someone’s person to free them from having to grapple with their phone. It’s discreet enough to wear to any concert, and high-quality enough to create meaningful, shareable content. 

In the case of concerts, that means more time to raise your drink in your air and hug your friends while enjoying the show — instead of watching through a screen. 

“We’re living our life so, so focused on wanting to capture that moment, but we’re doing it through a screen,” Greaves said. “And we may as well just sit at home and live stream the event if that’s going to be the case. So we want to free people of that.” 

Opkix began selling products direct to consumers this spring — but the inception for the idea came in 2016, when co-founder Shahin Amirpour was on a snowboarding trip and lacked a wearable, hands-free way to capture video. Developing the Opkix took the work of more than 200 engineers across four continents who had to rise to the occasion of packing advanced technology into a compact device that could be used by anyone.


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