Financial Times: Four hands-free cameras for epic content creation

OPKIX Camera Wearable HD Video Glasses

OPKIX’s incredibly tiny video camera – it weighs 12g in spite of having 1,300 components – is like an ultra-miniature GoPro, ideal for recording up to 15 minutes of footage. It even works underwater, and the HD picture quality is really high and well stabilised. The real beauty of OPKIX, however, is that they can be attached to a series of specially made accessories that come in the top dog, two-camera One X bundle. Film hands-free from a pair of men’s or women’s sunglasses, the peak of a baseball cap, a stick, a ring or a necklace. The latter two strike me as a bit daft, but a fairly inconspicuous, clipped-on glasses camera could be a lot of fun. Two camera bundle, $395,


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