Fast Company: What will it take to get gen Z to ditch smartphones for wearable cameras?

According to its CEO, C. Lawrence Greaves, this new camera is an attempt at being both useful and “fashion forward.” It’s a rectangular, small piece of hardware that looks very much like a portable cell-phone charger. You can hold the camera or attach it to objects like glasses or extension poles. The camera, says Greaves, “gives you the option to capture content without having to have your smartphone out.”

The market Opkix is going for is precisely the younger people on social media. “Content creators are absolutely changing the universe,” Greaves tells me. Kids these days “want to be YouTube celebrities and Instagram influencers.” Essentially, the new stars are people who are recording every aspect of their lives, and Opkix thinks it can provide a device that’s not a smartphone that will aid this pursuit.


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